To display the colour of photos on this website correctly, your task is to display the colour patches in the image on the right correctly on your screen – even though you don't have an x-rite colorchecker to hold up and compare with the colours you are seeing on your screen.


So you have to guess what the colours should look like and alter your display’s controls accordingly. Your computer probably has a facility for calibrating your display or your display has its own contols.


In the right-hand column of the left-hand half of the colorchecker there are four light grey and four dark grey patches. The lightest should not be quite white, the darkest should not be quite black; you should see a difference between each of the light patches and each of the dark ones.


These patches are neutral greys, not cast with any colour; so are the patches in the right-hand column of the right-hand half of the colorchecker. Good luck.


Adjusting your display